Republican Party

Perry Versus Huntsman

Something occurred to me watching the debate last night.

As far as Republicans go, Jon Huntsman is smart, reasonable, reality-based and grounded in science.

And therefore he's entirely unelectable.

Make no mistake, however, if elected Huntsman would still dismantle many of the Democratic accomplishments and resurrect Reaganomics -- potentially guiding us deeper into a shithole. But there aren't many Republicans like him these days. I mean, the guy speaks fluent Chinese -- and not the Rush Limbaugh "ching chong ding dong" Chinese. Real Chinese.

Rick Perry, on the other hand, is a big nothing. A slaw-jawed yokel in a Sears mannequin wig who, during last night's debate, flat out lied about his record in Texas. He's George W. Bush rebooted.

And because of these things, he's totally electable. As I've already predicted: he'll win the nomination.

This is the twisted reality of the modern Republican Party. It champions stupid lying morons and rejects smart, reasonable statesmen.