Perry Will Punch Cancer in the Face!

This may be the greatest bit of commentary I have seen on the conservative attraction to Rick Perry.

“When will the pundits get that this is not a race for the presidency of Pundit-town?” Stewart asked. “Media, you’re thinking about this with the wrong part of your brain — the brain part. They were sure that Perry made a devastating conceptual error based on a ill-chosen framing of a popular entitlement program, and that the audience would rebuke him for his gaffe. Well, guess what? Reagan Library, it ain’t a reading library.”

“The biggest applause line of the night was the mere mention that Rick Perry had executed 234 people,” he noted. “Holy fuckballs!”

“By the way, some of them may be innocent but look at this crowd. This is not your torch and pitchfork angy villagers. These are people with firm opinions on which is the best brand of riding mower. The audience at this debate were the people that give out raisins on Halloween. And yet, they thirst for blood.” [...]

“The Republicans have a choice between a guy with a multi-point, fact-based plan that he thinks could get the economy going or a guy who will punch cancer in the fucking face!” Stewart exclaimed.

Brilliant, but I fear that Jon Stewart may have just inadvertently created a new meme to replace Chuck Norris jokes.