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(Cartoonist - Jimmy Margulies)

In other news, Republican presidential candidate, bizarro historian, and esteemed doctor Ben Carson is dropping out of the race.

Meanwhile, more congressional Republicans are coming around to the idea of Nominee Trump. This read very desperate to me.

“Everything we’ve thought about convention and what usually happens in elections has proven to be inapplicable, at least in so far as Trump’s popularity is concerned,” said Texas Sen. John Cornyn, a former National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman. “I don’t know that he would lose the general election against Hillary Clinton, she’s such a damaged candidate in her own right.

Keep telling yourself that.

Finally, the new chairman of the Republican Party of Travis County, Texas (includes the state capitol of Austin) is a very colorful character, to say the least. He's so bad, in fact, local Republicans are scrambling to get rid of it.

[Robert Morrow] spent most of election night tweeting about former Gov. Rick Perry’s sexual orientation and former President Bill Clinton’s penis, and insisting that members of the Bush family should be in jail.

He also found time to call Hillary Clinton an “angry bull dyke” and accuse his county vice chair of betraying the values of the Republican Party.

What does Chairman Morrow think of his fellow Republicans who are trying to remove him from office?

“Tell them they can go fuck themselves,” Morrow told the Tribune.


Tell me more!

Morrow’s main complaint is with “establishment” Republicans, who he does not believe should hold elected office, he said. Last week, he tweeted that the Republican National Committee was just a “gay foam party.” [...]

When the Tribune asked about the content of some of Morrow’s social media posts, without using the specific racial slur Morrow had employed, Morrow seized on the omission as an example of corruption within the media.

You are a perfect example of what the Trump movement is revolting against because you can’t even pronounce the word n----- when you are talking about a Facebook post,” Morrow said. “What a pathetic excuse for a reporter you are.”


Excuse the gifs, but holy shit. Everything we know suggests this is exactly what your average Trump supporter looks like.