Picking Winners and Losers

Among the four Democratic senators who voted with the GOP to extend Big Oil subsidies and against a renewal of clean energy subsidies, which may result in as many as 37,000 job losses, was Senator Jim Webb (D-VA).

According to Webb, the government should not be picking winners and losers, which is exactly why he voted to pick Big Oil as a winner. Or something.

Webb explained that he voted to increase Big Oil’s record profits on rising gasoline costs because he opposes government investment in clean energy technology. “My vote today was based largely on concerns over extending tax credits for a number of renewable technologies,” Webb said. “Government should avoid picking winners and losers, and should allow the marketplace to work.”

If you truly believe in and adhere to the "free market," it makes sense to vote against all subsidies, but what doesn't make sense is voting to subsidize one industry and not the other.

Jim Webb picked a winner, and then declared we shouldn't pick a winner.