Piggy Bank

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, Trump has signed a temporary government funding bill that will expire on December 11th. I consider that the last opportunity there will be to pass more stimulus this year.

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign is planning to resume door-to-door canvassing for votes which had been shelved because of the pandemic.

Finally, Russian fake news is back but this time the stories are being written by Americans being paid by Russians.

The latest operation centred around a pseudo media organization called the Newsroom for American and European Based Citizens (NAEBC), which was run by people associated with the St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency, the sources said.

The website predominantly focused on U.S. politics and current events, republishing articles from conservative media and paying real Americans to write about politically-sensitive issues. A network of accounts posing as editors and journalists then promoted the articles on social media sites favoured by right-wing users.

Who needs foreign trolls when you have domestic trolls?

Programming note... I was not planning to sign off early today, but I just slipped while moving a box and broke off one of my nails right down to the cuticle and started bleeding out. It's actually difficult to type right now without my left index finger. I'm also going to be offline tomorrow because I have a ton of stuff to do between taking the last of my boys clothes to Goodwill and cooking dinner for my dad. I'll see you all on Monday and I'm sorry for missing the extra time.

  • muselet

    • I’m a bit surprised. Donald Trump doing something borderline sane is always unexpected.

    • I hope they’re planning to canvass very carefully.

    • The Newsroom for American and European Based Citizens? I’m sure that sounds better in the original Russian. (I’m old enough to remember when Righties were implacably opposed to anything Russian. I don’t remember them reflexively hating Russian Blue cats, but they may have done. My, how times have changed.)

    • Yikes. Just breaking a fingernail a couple of millimeters past the margin of the nail bed is painful enough. Enjoy the time with your dad.

    • For the Star Wars fans out there:

    Have a safe weekend, all.


  • Aynwrong

    The United States is the most economically powerful nation on the planet and we can fund our own government beyond a few months at a time. We can’t even go a full year. The so called philosophy of “limited government” has left us reduced to a pathetic, lumbering giant. It’s crippled us.

    The race is probably tightening up. The Biden campaign probably has no choice. The Rs never even bothered to stop going to door to door. Being utterly sociopathic sure does simplify things.

    The Russians are fucking with the election again? Cue the “both sides” bullshit from Greenwald in 5, 4, 3, 2…

    Stay safe everyone and enjoy some extra downtime Ashby.