Piling the dead on balconies

From Editor & Publisher, one of many pleas from real people trapped for nearly A FUCKING WEEK in New Orleans (this one is from Charity Hospital):

There are 1200 patients, doctors, nurses and hospital personnel trapped in Charity Hospital. Surrounded by 5 feet of water that has become dangerous to even swim through, these people have had no electricity since 5:00 a.m, Monday. Why is their plight no worse than others? This hospital is trying to keep their patients alive without any technology available other than manual means and perseverance.

They've lost patients just because there is no electricity. They're having to stack the dead bodies outside on balconies because the disease and stench could cause more health problems that these people don't need at this time.

"Since 5:00 a.m, Monday." Gov. Blanco requested National Guard troops on SUNDAY. George W. Bush didn't sign the paperwork to send the National Guard until THURSDAY. FIVE DAYS.

Bush is a disgrace to humanity. We cannot say it enough. The plea from Charity Hospital is one of MANY pleas. We're talking about tens of thousands of American lives that HAVE NOT BEEN LOST. And still, nearly a week later, the response remains A DISGRACE.

Impeachment is not nearly enough. New Orleans residents should file a civil suit against Bush for criminal negligence and reckless endangerment.