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Poison Friday At Wal-Mart

The day after tomorrow will be excellent for both shopping bargains and lead poisoning. Be patriotic, America, and buy lots of tainted Chinese shit.

Another research group, the Center for Environmental Health (CEH), on Tuesday unveiled a list of several new toxic toys found at major retailers such as Wal-Mart (Charts, Fortune 500) and Target (Charts, Fortune 500).

Representatives for Wal-Mart and Target were not immediately available for comment.

The group tested 100 toys, of which 9 contained extremely high levels of lead. A Starletz small ceramic tea set purchased from the gift novelty store AlMart had a lead level of 12,600 ppm - the highest amount the group recorded.

Other toys on the list were the Dora Game Pack and Sponge Bob Bat & Ball set purchased from Target and an H2O Extreme Zone bath toy-rubber ducky from Toy Castle. The group did not specifically name manufacturers, but said that all the toys were made in China.