Poll: Majority of North Carolina GOP Voters Want to Impeach Clinton. For Reasons.

Written by SK Ashby

I highly doubt a single one of them could give a specific reason why Hillary Clinton should be impeached on her first day in office as president, but the idea is nevertheless popular among self-identified Republicans.

A new poll from Public Policy Polling found that two thirds of Republican voters in North Carolina want to impeach Clinton for crimes to be determined.


On the Democratic side, Clinton's poll numbers are improving.

61% of Democrats in the state support Clinton to 24% for Bernie Sanders, 5% for Martin O'Malley, and 2% for Lawrence Lessig. A month ago Clinton led 51/23 in a Joe Biden-less field and these numbers suggest that pretty much everyone who's made up their mind since then has gone into her camp.

PPP did not ask Democrats if they want to impeach Clinton, but I imagine if they had the number wouldn't be any higher than the number of people who supported Jim Webb before he dropped out of the race.