Poll: Scott Walker Leads Among Conspiracy Theorists

Written by SK Ashby

It probably won't surprise you to learn that roughly one third of Republican voters believe the United States military is poised to seize control of Texas by tunneling under local Wal-Marts, but I was personally surprised to learn that Scott Walker is the current most popular choice among those who believe in Lizard People.

From Public Policy Polling:

We also tested the recent conspiracy theory that the federal government is trying to take over Texas- 32% of Republican primary voters buy into it compared to 40% who don't. Scott Walker leads the field among those who believe in the Texas conspiracy to 18% for Ted Cruz, 13% each for Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee, and 10% for Ben Carson. Jeb Bush leads among voters who don't buy into it at 17% but since he only gets 6% with those who do his overall standing remains somewhat weak.

As far as I know, Team Walker has said absolutely nothing about the coming military coup while Team Cruz has had plenty to say. I expected Ben Carson or Ted Cruz would be the number one choice for those who believe in military takeovers, but apparently I guessed wrong.

Altogether, 60 percent of Republican primary voters either believe the American military is planning a coup (32%) or they aren't sure if the military is planning a coup (28%).

It's not clear what the 28 percent who aren't sure are waiting for. A coded message from the resistance, perhaps.