The Horror

by Lee Stranahan

Well, firstly, let me say, perhaps it’s easier to deny that this is a civil war, when essentially you live in the most heavily fortified place in the country within the Green Zone, which is true of both the prime minister, the national security adviser for Iraq and, of course, the top U.S. military commanders. However, for the people living on the streets, for Iraqis in their homes, if this is not civil war, or a form of it, then they do not want to see what one really looks like. - Michael Ware in 2006

I am not the same f-cking person, I am not the same person. I don't know how to come home. - Michael Ware in 2008

Solely based on his CNN appearances, I like Michael Ware. I like his accent. I like his nose. Much more though, he's one of the only reporters on TV who talks like he's not completely and totally full of shit.

So, please read this article about the effects this awful f-cked up Iraq War that we were lied into had on Mr. Ware. It's effected millions of people in ways that are as individual as those people. But from the reading the article, you get a glimpse on the Apocalypse Now kind of crazy that the slow drip-drip of constant irrational armed conflict can have