Predictable Coward

Senator Mary Landrieu (D-La) doesn't support the public option. Duh.

"I am not open to a public option, however I will remain open to a compromise - a full compromise," Landrieu told reporters Tuesday. "A public option is not something I support i don't think its the right way to go."

Screw her. Maybe this is a little over the top to write, but watch the "no public option" senators as they go by -- chances are, they've been bought off my the nation's biggest criminal enterprise. Again, the argument against the public option is that it would be unfair to the health insurance mega-corps, undercutting their profit-driven scamming. Too much competition, they say. Which is weird because I thought market competition was a conservative value. Conservatives should welcome this thing, yes?

Adding... Ben Nelson says he won't filibuster the public option. But that doesn't mean he'll vote for it.