Preferably Two Bathrooms

I know I keep harping on this, but it just goes to show you how morally and intellectually bankrupt the entire GOP has become.

The New Hampshire Union Leader chose to endorse Newt Gingrich over Mitt Romney because Romney totally represents the 1 percent and Gingrich apparently doesn't.

Since that endorsement, Newt has presented to us one shinning example after another, on an almost daily basis, of how he not only represents the 1 percent, but how he himself is a 1 percenter.

Newt Gingrich, the Republican presidential candidate with a penchant for luxury jets and Tiffany & Co. jewelry, also appears to demand top-notch accommodations when he travels for a speech.

The Smoking Gun Web site, which specializes in unearthing revealing documents, has posted a copy of a speaking gig contract apparently signed by Gingrich for an appearance at Missouri Western State University in October 2010.

The contract called for payment of “first class expenses,” including the hotel of Gingrich’s choice, and “first class airfare.” A Gingrich aide gets a smaller hotel room ”located nearby the suite, but not attached.” A contract addendum also notes that “Mrs. Gingrich” may sometimes travel with her husband and “will be needed to be seated beside Mr. Gingrich at all functions.”

Perhaps most curious was language requiring a “non-smoking one-bedroom suite (preferably with two bathrooms).”

Newt may not be worth the $250 million that Romney is, but does demanding first class flights with expenses paid, five-star hotels, and speaking fees of up to $60,000, sound like someone who represents the 99 percent?

Is Newt Gingrich suppose to be their "everyman?"

And what the hell is with this two bathrooms thing? Whats next?