President Gives Religious Groups an Out

On the contraception coverage front, I think this is fair without giving away the store. Health insurance companies have to cover contraception regardless of whether a religious organization buys the contraception coverage:

WASHINGTON -- Faced with increasing pressure from religious groups and Catholic lawmakers in both parties over the new federal requirement for birth control coverage, the Obama administration is planning to announce an "accommodation" on Friday aimed at allaying some of the concerns of faith-driven employers. [...]

Under the new language, Jarrett said, religious institutions would still be required to cover contraception as part of any health care plan they offer to their employees. But they also will be offered a veritable opt-out clause. If they determine that the requirement violates their religious sensibilities, the burden would then fall on the insurance company to cover the cost.

That insurance company would be required to inform the recipient of their benefits package in addition to paying for the contraception.

Very smart and everyone is covered. But I don't expect the religious right to be satisfied.