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President Obama Personally Warned Trump About Flynn

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

According to former Obama administration officials, the president personally warned Trump not to hire Michael Flynn after the election.

The warning came during an Oval Office meeting between Obama and Trump after the Republican’s victory. Flynn had been fired by the Obama administration as the head of the military’s intelligence branch.

Trump ultimately tapped Flynn as national security adviser, but fired him after less than a month. The White House says Flynn was fired for misleading top officials about his contacts with Russia’s ambassador to the United States.

The Trump regime more or less confirmed this account with an idiotic statement released this morning.

While confirming that President Obama brought up the issue of Michael Flynn during their meeting, they also blame Obama for Trump's decision to hire him.

Because Trump only hires "the best people," right? Only Trump can fix it. Extreme vetting, etc.

Michael Flynn was serving as a foreign agent of Russia and Turkey the entire time he spent close to Trump.

  • Aynwrong

    After spending the entire campaign calling Barack Obama stupid and incompetent, Trump decided to trust the Obama administration’s vetting of this man. So now, according to organizational genius Donald Trump the buck always stops with Obama.

    Unreal and completely typical.

  • That’s actual text released by the White House?!? W-T-F? Is that even in English?

  • Trump has made it abundantly clear that ‘loyalty’ is the only qualification he cares about it. It’s like the hell spawn of the mob and the Keystone Cops.

    • Christopher Foxx

      Not loyalty. Flattery is all Trump cares about.

      • I would counter that they are part in parcel to Trump.

        • Christopher Foxx

          Yes. He mistakes one for the other.

          But the person who flatters you to gain favor is very much the exact opposite of loyal. They will not stand by you one moment past the point that it is advantageous to them to dump you.

          Looking forward to the day Trump experiences just how loyal his sycophants are.

  • muselet

    Given Michael “Useful Idiot” Flynn’s increasingly-bizarre behavior, Barack Obama was right to fire him. The Trump administration can blame Obama all it wants, but it cocked up by hiring a lunatic after having been warned not to do so.

    TPM commenter “juliagrey”:

    He got the highest security clearance from the Obama administration — and then Obama FIRED him, 2 years before he showed up in the Trump transition.

    He was a classic DISGRUNTLED GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE. He went out angry and got a job with the Turks, started working with the Russians, and then returned to government service.

    The rules require that he should have been RE-examined for a security clearance upon being hired for the NSA position.

    In other words, Donald Trump is blowing smoke. Again. Quelle surprise.

    I miss having a competent executive branch.