President Obama Rescued the Economy. Period.

Here's Paul Ryan with some honesty, then a gigantic lie:

"Now, let's be candid, President Obama clearly inherited a very difficult situation. There are no two ways about that. Problem is, he made things much worse."

He obviously didn't make things much worse. Ask anyone who's invested in the DJIA, which has doubled since he took office. And take a look at the GDP and job creation via Steve Benen.

While I'm here, I've heard more liberals lately suggesting that President Obama hasn't lived up to expectations. You know what? Bullshit. His policies rescued the economy from another -- and potentially deeper -- Great Depression. Full stop. I don't care if he did nothing else -- and he's done quite a bit on top of that. If it hadn't been for the president's economic agenda in the first six months of his presidency, it's very likely we'd be in a world of economic shit right now.

Say what you will about drones or whatever. It's only because of the stimulus legislation and other actions passed by the president and the congressional Democrats that we're not living in shanty towns right now.