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President Obama’s 2nd Term Begins Today!

When he rode into town on a white horse named Joe Biden back in 2009, Barack Obama was staring down the perfect storm of financial sector collapse, two wars, monumental debt, and a demoralized national identity-- just getting started.

Through a series of parliamentary showdowns, very public reckonings, and negotiated hostage standoffs, President Obama has quietly proven himself worthy of a hero's parade, even if it is just an inauguration ceremony.

Over the past four years, we've seen the best the American people have to offer by way of leadership in President Barack Obama. It's been a grueling endeavor, testing the hearts and minds of critics and allies alike. There's much more that still needs to be done, but if the past four years is any indication, the next four should continue to set the standard by which all future presidents are measured.

You can view what this inauguration means to President Obama and Live stream the official swearing-in ceremony here, ahead of tomorrow's big public celebration.

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