President Bush Vs. Wall Street

Bloodied stock market traders love President Bush:

keep talking market go down

18 minutes ago

this fool will destroy stocks if he keeps talking on tv...wait and see

Re: keep talking market go down
6 minutes ago
What is he talking about? I always have to turn off the T.V. if he's on, makes me wanna puke.

Re: keep talking market go down
4 minutes ago
he has to be the biggest fool on planet...and he thinks he's so correct...arrogant little down 100 pts now

Re: Bush three effects, all bad...
1 minute ago
(1) Reminds investors that leadership not up to the task in terms of general competency;
(2) Underscores the perception that leadership does not comprehend the true magnitude of the challenges at hand; and,
(3) Encourages market to send message to Bush on the need for additional action by reacting negatively to his appearance.

Where were these guys seven years ago? Three years ago?

From the Citigroup (C) forum in the Yahoo Message Boards.

UPDATE: Here's another one.

Bush Speaks on the Economy

24 minutes ago

Stocks flounder and drift downward. It would be better if he said inside and did not speak on the economy. He confuses the situation--definitely has no sympathy for the housing industry or people caught in the middle.

I wish he would stop talking.