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Private Property


Artist – Tim Eagan

In other news, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is preparing to make it illegal for homeless people to have possessions because of “aesthetics.” In other words, they want to take their homeless problem and sweep it under the rug. Maybe homeless people should just die. Would that please local officials?

Meanwhile, a local candidate in North Carolina endorsed by Rand Paul is hitting the conspiracy theorist pander button.

And speaking of Ron and Rand, Ron is now writing for InfoWars and warning us about the next Waco.


The comparisons to Waco aren’t very flattering for the Bundy family. Are we to infer that the Bundy ranch in Nevada is home to a militia of religious lunatics headed by a pedophile? Is someone going to bomb Oklahoma City because the Bureau of Land Management confiscated a few cows? Maybe we shouldn’t snark because in today’s unhinged climate that’s plausible.