Professional Reputation

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - John Auchter)

In other news, Senate Republican leaders have confirmed that there will be a one week delay before the final vote on Kavanaugh.

Meanwhile, scientists say the Earth is on track to warm up as much as it did in the relatively recent past (125,000 years ago) which would lead to sea level rising by 20 to 30 feet after parts of Antarctica melt.

And in related but helpful news, scientists say your best bet for avoiding the worst effects of climate change in the future is to move north of the 42 parallel. In the United States, that means moving to states at least as far north as Oregon or Ohio.

Places close to a reliable source of water without being flood-prone as the seas rise are attractive, such as areas near the Great Lakes and the Pacific north-west. “Seattle doesn’t break 90F that often so it’ll be nothing like Phoenix in terms of tolerability of heat,” said Shandas. “Places like Portland, Oregon, and Boise, Idaho, will be relatively safeguarded, apart from a bit of wildfire smoke.”

There will be bastions elsewhere. “Cincinnati, for example, is surprisingly good,” said Shandas. “It’s close to the Great Lakes, away from hurricanes, away from the eastern seaboard. It will get more heatwaves, but then again we all will.”

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