Donald Trump

Prosecutors Looking for Witnesses For Possible Trump Trial

Written by SK Ashby

I have deliberately avoided talking about Trump or showing his face here because we all saw way too much of it over the past six years, but the news that prosecutors are closing in on him is something I'll always make exception for.

Manhattan's District Attorney took possession of Trump's financial records last month and while they're been pouring over them, Reuters reports that they're looking for witnesses to connect what they found in the records to a grand jury that may indict Trump himself or people close to him.

Prosecutors are looking to gather information and testimony from bankers, bookkeepers, real-estate consultants and others close to the Trump Organization who could provide insights on its dealings, according to interviews and court filings. The process of identifying all witnesses and targets could take months.

“The next phase is identifying targets” for subpoenas and testimony, said one person familiar with the case. [...]

Vance’s investigators need insiders who can provide the narrative behind any conflicting numbers on Trump’s financial records and testify to Trump’s knowledge and intent, said former prosecutors of white-collar fraud cases.

We know Trump's former fixer and attorney Michael Cohen has met with the district attorney's office at least eight times now, but there could dozens to hundreds of people they want to interview in this sprawling case that may involve decades of financial fraud.

I'm not a lawyer or even paralegal so my opinion can obviously be taken with a whole bucket of salt, but this case seems far too big for them to have not already found something indictable. They appear to know what they're looking for but they still have to do their due diligence and put a complete case together. If they don't get it right, Trump will get the case thrown out and he'll never be held accountable.

Trump has been getting away with it for far too long and prosecutors can't afford to leave a single red hat unturned.