Public Health

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Clay Bennett)

In other news, the Trump campaign has filed for recounts in Wisconsin's most populous Milwaukee and Dane counties; basically where all the minorities live.

Meanwhile, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been nominated by House Democrats to serve another term as speaker. The decision appears to have been nearly unanimous.

Finally, up to 12 million people are going to lose access to unemployment checks next month.

According to an estimate from The Century Foundation, a progressive think tank that has closely tracked unemployment claims this year, more than 7 million workers stand to lose the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits Congress created for Uber drivers and other gig workers without traditional payrolls who normally don’t qualify for such aid.

Another 4.6 million workers will lose Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation, which was created to help the long-term unemployed who had already exhausted the 26 weeks of regular benefits most states provide. While 18 states have extended benefit programs that could cover nearly 3 million of those workers, come Dec. 26 those programs will lose federal funding and put further strain on state budgets.

I really can't see Senate Republicans agreeing to stop this from happening. They haven't agreed to pass any stimulus in nearly eight months.

Merry Christmas from the GOP!