Karl Ruprect Rove

Queer Eye for the Right Guys!

karl.jpgInstead of siphoning billions of tax dollars to weapons manufacturers to make idiotic, non-working contraptions like the Missile Defense System, let’s instead funnel that money to brilliant scientists who can create an ACTUAL GAYDAR.

Many of us have heard of gaydar, of course. Some among us possess an innate ability to determine whether or not someone is gay.

But what if we had an actual Gaydar Machine? Imagine turning its Gayzer Beam on the likes of Rick Santorum and Karl Rove, and watching all the pretty lights on the Gaydar Machine flash pink.

I think Rick, Karl, and oh-so many like-minded folk who hate the gay man they’ve buried deep inside themselves would truly be set free by Gaydar. And I, for one, wouldn’t hate them for their freedom.