The Media

Quote of the Afternoon

"[Olbermann] arrogantly and falsely calls "cheap" the company that has paid him the highest compensation he had ever received in his career, provided him the largest staff of any program he had ever anchored, given him the largest studio and custom-designed set on which he had ever worked, and paid over $50,000 in an eight month period to eight different limousine companies because none of the previous seven were able to meet his Patrician standards for how to drive him around New York City." Current TV's response to Olbermann's lawsuit filed yesterday

On the podcast yesterday, I compared Olbermann's move to Current with Howard Stern's move to Sirius. One guy, Stern, made the best of his move, even though his ratings were a small fraction of his former gig, and the other, Olbermann, evidently allowed his personal demons to rule the day.