Election 2012

Quote of the Day

"More importantly, you ought to ask me what my relationship is for racial relationships. And one of my heroes is Martin Luther King because he practiced the libertarian principle of peaceful resistance and peaceful civil disobedience, as did Rosa Parks. But also, I’m the only one up here — and the only one in the Democratic party — that understands true racism in this country is in the judicial system, and it has to do with enforcing the drug laws. Look at the percentages. The percentage of people who use drugs are about the same with blacks and whites. And yet the blacks are arrested way disproportionately." Ron Paul during last night's ABC News Republican Debate

Most Democrats are opposed to the death penalty, so I don't know what that crap's all about. He should have directed that at Rick Perry. But Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks were far from libertarian. And civil disobedience isn't exclusive to libertarianism.

Anyway, nice try, Ron Paul.