Quote of the Morning

"To supposedly alleviate the very poor, and Mitt was right. The very poor in America do have a lot of programs a lot of benefits. People aren’t dying in America. You know, in fact, the very poor suffer from gout. In fact, in the 1920s and 30s that was called the rich man’s disease..." Fox News contributor Charles Payne defending Mitt Romney's "I don't care about poor people" gaffe

You know why they have gout? Because cheap food is unhealthy and gives people gout, irrespective of socioeconomic status. Also, alcohol causes gout. We can safely assume that some poor people suffer from depression -- due either to their station or a genetic mental disorder -- and they can't afford therapy and meds because the Republicans don't want to raise taxes on Donald Trump and Mitt Romney, so they self medicate with shitty cheap food, booze and worse.

But I'm over-rationalizing this nonsense. The Republicans have always tried to make the case that poor people are somehow privileged free-loadeers milking the system and living like gazillionaires. And, to repeat one of my refrains, people still take these idiots seriously.