Quote of the Day

A Dubuque, Iowa resident speaking to Newt Gingrich in the lobby of a Holiday Inn.

“Get out now before you make a bigger fool of yourself,” (Russell) Fuhrman said directly to Gingrich. [...]

Fuhrman said he’s a solid Republican but that Gingrich “is a jerk.”

“I’m a strong Republican but he’s an embarrassment to our party."

The sad thing is that the reason Mister Fuhrman is unhappy with Gingrich is because he feels Gingrich is not far enough to the Right. Because Gingrich came out against Paul Ryan's Medicare Coupons.

Consider the implications of that.

In a world in which someone like Gingrich, one of the most divisive figures in politics of the last two decades, is seen as not sufficiently right-wing, there is absolutely no chance that a true moderate will emerge as the GOP nominee.