Democratic Party

Ralph Nader is a Careerist Troll

The attention whore is back and he's looking for a solid primary challenger to the president, which, as we all know, will be a waste of time and will help the Republicans. But it doesn't matter as long as Nader gets his fix.

Worried the liberal voice is being drowned out in the presidential campaign, progressive leaders said Monday they want to field a slate of candidates against President Obama in the Democratic primaries to make him stake out liberal stances as he seeks re-election.

Ralph Nader warns that without an intraparty challenge the liberal agenda “will be muted and ignored,” the one-man primary will kill voter enthusiasm and voters won’t get a chance to reflect on the real differences that divide the Democratic and Republican parties.

“What we are looking at now is the dullest presidential campaign since Walter Mondale — and that’s saying something, believe me,” Mr. Nader told The Washington Times.

Is Nader suggesting the president is going to be defeated by a landslide like Mondale was? If so, how will a primary challenger (who has no chance of winning the nomination) resolve that problem? Or if President Obama is the Reagan character, what the hell's wrong with that?

Ugh. I'm trying to parse the words of a crackpot. It's going to be a fine day.