Voter Suppression

Rampant Voter Fraud!

Well, not really.

However, the state of Indiana has uncovered one such case, and it involves the Republican Secretary of State. The person who is directly responsible for overseeing elections.

Republican Charlie White is out as secretary state and Democrat Vop Osili now has the job.

On Thursday, a Marion County Circuit Court judge ruled that White wasn’t eligible to be a candidate in the November 2010 election, setting aside an earlier decision by the Indiana Recount Commission. Judge Louis Rosenberg ordered that Osili, who received the second highest number of votes, be certified as Secretary of State.

Rosenberg ruled that White was not lawfully registered at the address he listed and did not reestablish residency at the address.

White is also facing seven felony charges, including allegations of voter fraud. A criminal trial has been set for Jan. 30

This is easily one of the highest profile cases of fraud in recent memory, and it wasn't committed by the poor, by minorities, or ACORN. It was committed by a rich, white Republican politician who went on to become Secretary of State.

The later is arguably the more imminent threat. Meanwhile, states across the country are pushing to ensure the former is disaffected and disenfranchised.