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Rand: Election Was Repudiation of Someone Who Doesn’t Hold Public Office


Yesterday’s election was a lot of things. A reminder that Americans are incoherent and self-centered. A reminder that people will vote against their own mothers and daughters because the president is still black. A reminder that the average voter is dumber than a bag of hammers.

But according to Rand son of Ron, yesterday’s election was a repudiation of Hillary Clinton.

“She’s said to be the front-runner for the nomination for their party. So really elections are about who the leadership is in a party and it’s about either accepting or rejecting those leaders. And, frankly, I think that yesterday was a repudiation of Hillary Clinton.”

Hillary hasn’t held public office for quite some time now and is not the leader of the party while Barack Obama is still the president, but Rand Paul clearly believes he will be running against her in the next election.

His campaign against her began earlier this year when he asserted that Hillary can’t represent women because her husband cheated on her.

The word “dweeb” comes to mind when thinking of Rand Paul.