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Rand Paul And Mike Huckabee Participate In New Gay-Bashing Evangelical Documentary

Written by Bob Cesca

Bonus points for tenacity to Christian conservatives like Mike Huckabee who keep on effing that chicken. In the face of nationwide bipartisan support for marriage equality, the evangelical far-right can't let go of their outdated sense of morality, nor will they abandon their repeatedly debunked excuses for why it's acceptable to publicly gay-bash with impunity.

As we covered briefly last week, the most popular Christian conservative argument against marriage equality and indeed all issues of LGBT equality is that the government is stripping Christians of their religious freedom -- freedom to think homosexuality is an abomination and to not provide equal access to gay people. On the surface it seems really clever to accuse the government of being intolerant of religion in aid of being tolerant to marriage equality. Now, in what seems like a colossal death rattle, the anti-gay far-right is rallying around a new documentary that preserves this stupid-disguised-as-clever counterpoint for all time -- this way, future generations will get a good laugh at how ridiculous these knuckle-draggers used to be.

The movie is titled Light Wins: How to Overcome the Criminalization of Christianity.

Yes, the criminalization of Christianity. There are so many layers to unpack here, so let's just dive in.

1) Reaganbook. The producers of the film, a "pro-life, pro-family" group called Faith 2 Action, was founded by Janet Porter, who also stars in the film. Porter is also famous for launching "Reaganbook," a Facebook alternative for Reaganites. The social media platform has since been renamed Freedombook -- which is ironic, of course, because the group is on the front lines of the fight to deny freedom to women and the LGBT community.

2) Demon Possessed. Porter also once called Jason Collins, the first openly gay NBA player, "demon possessed," and that his homosexuality is "very dangerous physically and it's very dangerous, as we see, to our freedoms in the nation." Again, the irony is astonishing. A woman whose organization is trying to suppress the freedom of others is herself accusing one gay man of doing the same to the entire nation.

3) Mike Huckabee Is Not A Good Man.... CONTINUE READING

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