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Rand Paul: Hold Hillary Accountable for Bill


via Right Wing Watch

In an interview on the Steve Malzberg Show yesterday, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky claimed that if Democrats want “any consistency” in fighting for women’s rights, they should “disown” former president Bill Clinton, who he called “gross,” an “unsavory character” and a “sexual predator.” Paul specifically urged Hillary Clinton to disown her husband: “All the time, candidates are asked to return money if an unsavory character gives them money. What if that unsavory character is your husband?” [...]

“I think if they want to be credible in saying they defend women’s rights in the workplace, they really need to disown and really return any contributions that Bill Clinton’s either raising for people or given to people,” he added. “I think for the movement to proceed on or have any consistency, they need to disassociate themselves from him.”

Apparently actively trying to break up someone’s marriage is an official part of the Rand Paul campaign-to-be. This is the second time in a matter of weeks that Rand Paul has attempted to blame Hillary for the actions of Bill.

Paul and the Republicans know that they would stand no chance against a campaign promoted by Bill Clinton and President Obama, and their preemptive strike against this is to blame the wife; Hillary Clinton.

There’s no way that could backfire. Or as Al Sharpton said last week, “I dare the Republicans to take that to her, because if I’m her, I would dribble, hit the backboard, and score a three-pointer from way out, because she was the wife in this.”

Meanwhile, Rand Paul and the Republicans will show their respect for women’s rights in the workplace by fighting their access to birth control and passing bills to restrict private insurance that covers abortion.

HR 7 would take the unprecedented step of using the tax code to penalize individuals and small businesses for purchasing health insurance plans through the Affordable Care Act that include coverage for abortion services.

Calling Bill Clinton a “sexual predator” is an affront to actual victims of real sexual predators. And unfortunately for Paul and his colleagues, there isn’t a single person in their skeleton closet of donors that isn’t “unsavory.”