Lying Liars Rand Paul

Rand Paul is a Lying Liar

Over the weekend Senator Rand Paul — I’m sorry, that’s Doctor Rand Paul — made the shocking claim that his own son was automatically enrolled in Medicaid.

That’s horrifying, to be sure. I mean what kind of socialist hellhole are we that we automatically provide healthcare to someone in need?

But I digress. Mother Jones contacted the Kentucky health department and discovered that Doctor Rand Paul is a liar.

No one is being automatically enrolled for Medicaid in Kentucky, says Jill Midkiff, communications director for the state’s health department. “We’re not automatically enrolling people,” Midkiff explains. “People have to actually go and apply.” The Affordable Care Act allowed states to automatically add residents who already receive other social services, such as food stamps and other health programs, to the Medicaid rolls. But Kentucky chose not to take advantage of that provision of the law. The state is notifying some residents of their eligibility for Medicaid, but Paul’s son would have needed to actually apply for Medicaid in order to receive a Medicaid card.

And the FDA is coming after your doughnuts! Did you hear they’re coming after the trans-fat in your doughnuts?

Damn you, Obamacare!