Rand Paul is Teaching a Class on Dystopia

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

George Washington University has hired Senator Rand Paul to teach a class on "dystopian visions" which he happens to be an expert on as a member of Congress who votes with the Republican majority far more often than he does not.

Rand, son of Ron, is a man who once said it would be acceptable if a government drone was used to execute a petty liquor store thief, but we don't know if that particular vision will be shared in class.

Ben Vinson, the dean of the college, told the Hatchet that Paul’s office approached the school.

“We agreed that his unique voice as a sitting senator would provide an engaging backdrop,” Vinson said. [...]

“I think dystopian novels are a discussion of politics, and sort of what happens if you let a government accumulate too much power,” Paul told Vice.

Dysoptian novels, movies and stories are not just about politics and government power, many are also about unchecked corporate power. Actually, a majority of them may be about unaccountable corporate power.

The problem with asking Rand to teach a class on "dystopian visions" is that he believes in unchecked, unaccountable corporate power. He believes businesses should be allowed to discriminate. He believes the Civil Rights Act was a government overreach. Rand Paul does not believe in regulation or even basic accountability for corporations. Rand Paul believes corporations are people.

The idea that the Invisible Hand of the Free Market is all you need to remain free is the stuff of dystopia.

  • RenoRick

    Yeah, I’m gonna pay money to listen to someone who grew up sucking off the government teat, yet had KY change the law so he could run for President and the Senate at the same time. Fucking phony! Makes Paul Ryan look like a genius!

  • muselet

    A survey course on dystopian fiction could be fascinating.

    A course on dystopian fiction taught by Rand Paul is likely to be worthless drivel, because that’s all the man seems capable of producing.

    I await student evaluations of the class with bated breath.


  • Christopher Foxx

    The problem with asking Rand to teach a class on “dystopian visions” is that he believes in unchecked, unaccountable corporate power.

    Student after Rand’s first lecture: “Wait, wait. Hold on a moment, Mr. Paul. You mean Big Brother and the Ticktockman are the heroes?!”

    • muselet

      Bonus geek points. Well done.


  • Victor the Crab

    Teaching Douchebaggery 101 would be right up Rand Paul’s bowling alley.

  • Aynwrong

    Universities often find

    • muselet

      Popular culture can be a useful lens through which to view a society. Even the *gag* Great Works conservatives honk on about were once just bits of popular culture (Shakespeare emphatically did not write for the ages, he wrote for contemporary live audiences).

      Conservatives don’t want to believe that, and really don’t want their riled-up voters to believe that. The more ignorant the public is, the more likely Righties will win elections, don’tcha know.


  • Badgerite

    Oh Christ. “Dystopian visions”? How is this? If we ever did have to go to war with these turkeys in charge, we’d lose.