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Rand Paul on Obamacare Idiocy: Me Too


Senator Mitch McConnell has found himself in the hot seat for suggesting that Kentucky’s healthcare exchange, known as Kynect, is somehow not directly tied to Obamacare and that they could repeal Obamacare without ending the exchange.

Fellow Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has apparently observed Mitch McConnell’s rank dishonesty and said to himself ‘me too.’

When asked a second time if he would want to dismantle Kynect, Paul said: “I would repeal all of Obamacare.”

“And the technical question though is whether or not — and I think this is why it’s not an easy answer — the technical question is what would that mean,” Paul said. “Can a state still have an exchange? You know we live in a 50-state union so some states could have exchanges. They already did before Obamacare.”

Can we repeal “all of Obamacare” and keep the exchange? Sure. Why not?

(spoiler: “all of Obamacare” includes the exchange)

Dumb and Dumber are in a difficult position.

On one hand they’re mandated to hate all things Obama, but on the other hand Kynect is one of Obamacare’s biggest success stories and hundreds of thousands of people in Kentucky have enrolled through it.

Rand attempted to downplay his own comments by calling attention to the surge in Medicaid enrollment, saying that he is concerned about “what will happen to local hospitals.”

I’ll tell you what will happen; they’ll see a huge influx of patients and revenue because the federal government will cover 100 percent of the cost until 2017 and at least 90 percent of the cost thereafter.