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Rand Paul Opens Mouth, Reveals He’s Clueless

Over the weekend the Obamas said that they would like to see their daughters work minimum wage jobs so that they would understand “what most folks go through every single day.”

That seems reasonable to most people, but Rand Paul is not a reasonable person. He’s a clueless and contrarian person.

“The minimum wage is a temporary” thing, Paul said. “It’s a chance to get started. I see my son come home with his tips. And he’s got cash in his hand and he’s proud of himself. I don’t want him to stop there. But he’s working and he’s understanding the value of work. We shouldn’t disparage that.”

The unfortunate truth is minimum wage jobs are not temporary for far too many people and they are increasingly occupied by older individuals rather than teenagers. And the Obamas did not say that their daughters should stop there, only that they need an opportunity to see “what it’s like to do that real hard work.”

I have no doubt that it’s a temporary thing for William, son of Rand, and that is reflected in Rand’s opposition to raising the minimum wage.

The president and first lady want their daughters to experience what the less fortunate go through every day so that they will understand why the less fortunate need their help.