Rand Paul Opposes Repeal and Delay

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Rand, son of Ron, can dress this up with a very Randian call for Freedumb, but we all know what's really at stake here.

Senator Paul wrote an op-ed for Rare calling on Congress to immediately replace Obamacare rather than wait several years to do so.

In so many words, Rand says he's concerned about the financial stability of the insurance industry, but if you read between the lines you can see that he's concerned about himself.

If Congress fails to vote on a replacement at the same time as repeal, the repealers risk assuming the blame for the continued unraveling of Obamacare. For mark my words, Obamacare will continue to unravel and wreak havoc for years to come. [...]

My fear is that if you leave part of Obamacare in place (the dictate that insurance companies must sell insurance to individuals with pre-existing conditions) then you will see an acceleration of adverse selection and ultimately mass bankruptcy of the healthcare insurance industry.

Don’t misunderstand me. We should repeal Obamacare, but partial repeal will only accelerate the current chaos and may eventually lead to calls for a taxpayer bailout of insurance companies.

I agree with Rand Paul that repealing Obamacare without passing a replacement will be a disaster that could assume a physical form made of marshmallow, but the problem for him and every other Republican in Congress is that every possible alternative they've proposed is garbage.

Rand, son of Ron, is correct that they're courting disaster, but his solution of "freedom" is not a solution at all. Selling insurance across state lines, or whateverthefuck this means...

What should we replace Obamacare with? Perhaps we should try freedom

Eyeroll not a replacement for Obamacare.

The heart of the matter is Rand Paul (R-KY) is concerned because Obamacare has been a sweeping success in Kentucky where an overwhelming majority of his constituents depend on it. Rand's constituents are among the most financially vulnerable people in the country who will suffer severely if Republicans actually follow through on their promises.

Most of his constituents voted for despot-elect Donald Trump and, as far as I'm concerned they deserve what's coming to them, but Rand Paul's primary concern is Rand Paul.

The most amusing part of the coming "taxpayer bailout of insurance companies," which is not an implausible scenario, is that Republicans have accused President Obama of bailing out insurance companies through an essential mechanism of the law they're going to repeal.

  • Draxiar

    Please Dems in office…I beg of you, if the GOP repeals the ACA and there is an outcry from the public about people losing their healthcare, again, I beg you to lay the burden of blame on the GOP. Pull no punches, don’t be nice or agreeable. Hammer the fuckers every single day and never let it escape the brain chemistry of the masses that they can’t get their medications or their kid into a doctor because all of the Republicans in office, including Trump, took away their ability to do so. Frame the damn problem with small words and few syllables…just in case.

  • muselet

    What should we replace Obamacare with? Perhaps we should try freedom.

    Translation: Why oh why won’t those filthy poor people just die already? They’re infecting the important people’s healthcare with their lower-class cooties.

    I keep saying, Rand Paul is the way he is because of the chemicals from the poodle perms. No other explanation makes sense.


    • mnpollio

      “Translation: Why oh why won’t those filthy poor people just die already?
      They’re infecting the important people’s healthcare with their
      lower-class cooties.”

      This is hands down the funniest and most accurate description of this foolishness that I have read yet. Many thanks for a few laughs. Rand Paul has been and always will be a buffoon.

  • Aynwrong

    “What should we replace Obamacare with? Perhaps we should try freedom.”

    Rand Paul is fucking child.

    I have very little sympathy for Trump voters. I don’t really want them to suffer but regardless of their reasoning for their vote they cast it knowing full well what Trump was promising to do to so many innocent people’s lives and their families lives. Trump voters cared not. If so many others are going to suffer because of their vote (Latino immigrants, Muslims & LGBTQ people) then the suffering should certainly be felt by the people who chose this as well. If there’s going to be karma, it will be very well earned.

    For the life of me I can not understand how anyone can be so Post Sticking Out Of The Ground Ignorant™ to have voted against their own interests in such a blatant way.