Rand Paul Super Stupid

Rand Paul Says Bernie Sanders Might Assassinate You

Senator and presidential polling asterisk Rand Paul (R-KY) has repeated the dire prediction he made earlier this week that Bernie Sanders might be a genocidal dictator.

Rand son of Ron appeared on Newsmax TV yesterday where he implied Sanders might "eliminate" political opponents.

RAND: "I go to college campuses. I spend spent quite a bit of time on Bernie and I say 'look, there's nothing sexy or cool about socialism.'

There's the implication of force that has to be used. And there's also the understanding, or needs to be understanding, that socialism is anti-choice. It takes away the choice of individuals to decide they want to sell or what they want to buy. And if you choose to challenge the state they have to get rid of you. They have to arrest you or they have to eliminate you.

This is why Stalin killed millions and millions of people. This is why Mao Tse Tung killed millions and millions of people."

The eminently-threatening toy poodle Bernie Sanders continues to terrify Rand son of Ron.

Rand is clearly incapable of differentiating between the classic socialism of the cold war and the European-style Democratic socialism that Bernie Sanders believes in.

To the best of my knowledge the governments of northern and western Europe have not killed millions of political dissidents nor have they told people what to buy. But even if that were the case, Rand Paul himself is also anti-choice as far as women are concerned.

From the roads and street lights to healthcare and highways, the truth is we're surrounded by socialism every single day. Over 100 million Americans on average watch the Super Bowl, the ultimate competition in a socialist, professional sports league that shares revenue between its 32 teams.

This is a lot of words to say Rand Paul is a certifiable crackpot.