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Rand Paul Skips Hearing on Security, Bashes Clinton on Security

Senator and presidential candidate Rand Paul (R-KY) skipped a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing yesterday where additional funding requests for "safety and security of U.S. citizens, government employees and facilities overseas" were discussed.

On the same morning that the hearing took place, Rand son of Ron attacked Hillary Clinton and accused her of being "oblivious" to requests for additional security.

"The Benghazi thing is going to be very difficult for (Clinton) to dig out of that hole because people want their president to be someone who will defend American missions, diplomatic missions around the world," Paul, who was in Washington Wednesday, told WVLK radio that morning. [...]

"And the fact that she, with repeated requests for security there, denied those requests and appears really to be oblivious to the final request from Ambassador Stevens in months before he was killed I think really that goes to poor judgment and I think ultimately will preclude her from really being considered seriously for commander in chief," Paul said.

If you were just joining us in this place we call America you may not suspect that Rand Paul and his fellow congressional Republican colleagues were actually responsible for drastic cuts in embassy security that they pushed through after gaining control of the House of Representatives in 2011.

Despite Rand's insistence, there's no evidence or proof that Hillary Clinton herself, as Secretary of State, ignored or "denied" requests for additional security that reached her desk. There's also no evidence that she was even aware of a specific request. And again, you don't have to take my word for it; you can take the word of the GOP-controlled House Intelligence Committee.

Among other things, the Intelligence Committee also concluded that the CIA was not using the embassy in Benghazi or any adjacent facility as a staging point for weapons bound for Turkey.

That, as you may recall, was another one of Rand Paul's theories.