Poll Rand Paul

Rand Paul: Unskew the Polls!

Written by SK Ashby

Why is Rand son of Ron performing so poorly in the polls?

According to Rand, the polls have been "skewed" by frontrunner Donald Trump that darn liberal media.

RAND: "The media has decided that they're going to call up 200 people. Many of these polls are 200 people. The margin of error is plus or minus five. So when someone gets 5 in a poll they could be 0 or they could be 10.

I think also the polling at this time measures one aspect, primarily name recognition. The polls are somewhat skewed by a celebrity skewing, a celebrity reality TV skewing the polls to a certain extent.

I am not the slightest bit convinced that Rand Paul would be preforming any better if Donald Trump were not in the race. I am convinced, however, that Rand is much closer to 0 than he is 10.

Rand's insistence that the vast majority of GOP votes haven't chosen a candidate to support is wrong, it simply appears that way because there are so many candidates. Donald Trump and Ben Carson together have the support of nearly half of all GOP primary voters. Rand son of Ron is an asterisk.