Rand Paul Super Stupid

Rand Paul: US Troops Might Get Ebola Just Like The Poop Cruise


That is not a verbatim headline, but it’s close.

Doctor Rand Paul told conservative radio host Laura Ingraham yesterday that he’s concerned US troops will get sick just like the poop ship that CNN dedicated an entire news cycle to.

“Where is disease most transmittable? When you’re in very close confines on a ship,” Paul said on Laura Ingraham’s radio show. “We all know about cruises and how they get these diarrhea viruses that are transmitted very easily and the whole ship gets sick. Can you imagine if a whole ship full of our soldiers catch Ebola?” [...]

“I really think it is being dominated by political correctness,” he told Ingraham. “And I think because of political correctness, we’re not really making sound, rational, scientific decisions on this.

Maybe he’s right. Maybe Doctor Rand Paul should be in charge. A doctor who apparently doesn’t know that you cannot contract Ebola quite so easily as diarrhea. A doctor who makes such nonsensical comparisons.

US troops in West Africa are not confined to a ship (he knows we have planes, right?) and they are professionals with proper training and equipment. Units deployed to the region include the 36th Engineer Brigade of Fort Hood, the 1st Armored Division Aviation Brigade of Fort Bliss, the 1st Medical Brigade of Fort Hood, and 85th Civil Affairs Brigade of Fort Hood according to the Army Times.

These men and women will not be provide care to patients infected with Ebola. Their mission is to construct 17 field hospitals

Rand Paul evidently does not have a lot of confidence in American service members.

For context, just three days ago host Laura Ingraham accused the president of sacrificing US troops in the name of wealth redistribution and I see no reason not to assume that Rand Paul agrees. To say that the president is not making “sound, rational decisions” is to say that he has ulterior or ideological motives. Rand Paul merely said it in code.

Not that it matters, but the reason the poop cruise became known as the “poop cruise” is because their bathrooms quit functioning. I’m sure US military personnel will have access to a functioning bathroom.