Rand Paul Wants to Hold the Debt Ceiling Hostage… he can audit the Fed.

I don't believe you could pinpoint one singular reason why libertarians have a fetish for auditing the Federal Reserve, but suffice to say they theorize that our currency and finance systems are hopelessly insolvent and the Powers That Be have covered it up for more than a century.

I can think of no better way to fully realize that theory than to default on the national debt and crash the world economy.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is mulling attaching his Audit the Fed legislation to a vote to raise the debt ceiling, Paul spokesman Brian Darling told The Hill. [...]

"The strategy going forward will be to use regular order," Darling told The Hill. "If regular order does not work, Audit the Fed would be a great amendment to a debt-limit increase or any other piece of must pass legislation that hits the Senate floor."

The good news, for those who enjoy Schadenfreude, is that Rand Paul has virtually no chance of succeeding even under a Republican-controlled Congress.

It's entirely possible, maybe even likely, that Republicans will hold the debt ceiling hostage for a yet to be determined reason, but Rand Paul's one man crusade against the conspirators at the Federal Reserve will be short-lived.

If Rand Paul ever decides to stop pretending to be a serious statesman, he can rest easy knowing that Goldline will always need a spokesman.