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Rand Paul’s Befuddled, Confused Position on Drones Becomes More Befuddled, Confused

My Tuesday column begins like so:

Here’s a challenge for your Republican friends. Ask them to describe Rand Paul’s position on drones. After all, he’s likely to be on their presidential primary ballot in 2016, so they should be aware of who he is and what he’s up to. But I’m fairly certain they’ll fail the challenge because I don’t believe Rand Paul even knows what Rand Paul’s position is. He’s a befuddled, confused, cynical man and any time the word “drone” is mentioned in a headline, Paul scrambles to the next nearest cable news camera to blurt out something that sounds vaguely like a position but which ultimately contradicts something else he’s said on the topic.

On Sunday, he predictably criticized the president’s speech on drones, saying, “It’s not good enough to us that [the president's] not using a power. We want him to assert that he doesn’t have the power.” He continued, “There still is a question in my mind, of what he thinks due process is. Due process to most of us is a court of law, it’s a trial by jury, and right now their process is him looking at some flashcards, and a Power Point presentation on Terror Tuesdays in the White House. For a lot of us, that’s not really due process.” Haha! Zinger!

Clearly, the anti-drone pro-due process cool-hippie-uncle version of Rand Paul showed up for the interview with ABC’s Martha Radditz. [continue reading here]