Randall Terry is Not a Democrat

Randall Terry is not a democrat, should not be allowed to associate himself with the democratic party, and should not be allowed to appear on a democratic ballot.

The man behind the campaign to show bloody fetuses on public airwaves is now defending Rush Limbaugh's assault on the "poster prostitute" Sandra Fluke, while accusing President Obama of "pimping" her and his daughter's out.

Rush Limbaugh treated Miss Fluke as a worthy adversary. She stepped into the political ring to rumble; she decided – as the seasoned pro-abortion feminist activist that she is – to become the “poster prostitute” of “free love.” She decided – of her own free will – that she would become the lightning rod for all the poor little girls who want to “sleep around,” and have the rest of us pay for their birth control and abortifacients. Rush treated her as a worthy opponent, and responded to her with rhetoric equal to the battle.

Ms. Fluke chose her role as the protagonist/political prostitute. That means she has to take her licks like a big girl, and hold her own. Miss Fluke can’t have it both ways; she can’t be the adult in a fierce debate, and also be the little girl who is getting picked on. She cannot be both sultry superwoman and helpless damsel in distress. She cannot cry foul because a great political voice treated her public and political statements as political "free game."

Enter President Obama. He pretended to be her “Knight in Shining Armor” but in fact acted as her Political Pimp. He has shamelessly used her for his political agenda. By telephoning her and lionizing her he further prostituted her for his sake, not hers. For Ms. Fluke, this is the height of being used, objectified, and “politically pimped.”

But then President Obama really crossed the line: he used his own daughters to further this agenda. Ponder it well: Obama said, “I thought of my daughters when I called Sandra Fluke…I wanted Sandra to know that I thought her parents should be proud of her, and that we want to send a message to all our young people that being part of a democracy involves argument and disagreements and debate.”

Terry also went on to criticize "fornicating college students who want to keep their beer money for beer, and get their birth control and abortifacients for free." And we all know what accusing President Obama of "pimping" his daughters and Sandra Fluke is code-word for.

These are the words of a despicable, racist, disgusting man. A man who belongs in a jail cell. And while Terry believes he can siphon anti-choice voters away from President Obama, I'm fairly confident he will be proven wrong. He's no Ralph Nader. He's more analogous to Nader's crazy cousin.