Rank Hillary’s Reasons For Staying In

So Hillary is staying in. For now. It defies logic and the wishes of many a Democrat, but she's staying in.

If you would be so kind as to share a moment of your time, rank in order of importance the following Hillary Reasons For Staying In, with 1 being most important:

"I hate New York and hate pretending I'm from there"
"Payback. I want to have an affair with my own White House page"
"I literally can't pronounce the words 'President Obama'"
"I want to do anything to make sure Obama loses so I can win it for sure in 2012! Cause I'm a winner!"
"I want to get hammered with West Virginians and Kentuckyians"
"Because I'm actually winning! Everyone else is crazy! I'm the only sane person in THE WORLD!"
"I want to see my inspiring life-story video at the convention"
"Because quitters never win and winners never quit"
"I want to give my campaign more time to dig up some old Wright videos"

Have fun! And add your own!