Rated D for Deniers

Written by SK Ashby

The Clinton campaign has released a brilliant video featuring the top GOP candidates for president insisting that the jury is still out on climate change.

If this is a taste of what we can expect from the campaign in the future, I'd say her campaign is in good hands.

Clinton unveiled her own plan for combating climate change over the weekend including a call to install 500,000 million solar panels.

Among other things, the plan includes a promise to install half a billion solar panels by 2021, or the end of Clinton’s first term. That would represent a 700 percent increase from current installations, she said. Clinton also promised that, if elected, enough renewable energy would be produced to power every home in the country within 10 years. [...]

The aggressive transition to renewables proposed by Clinton would be achieved partially through extending and strengthening tax breaks those industries, Clinton said.

There are many reasons why a majority of Americans won't vote for the Republican nominee for president and climate change denial is one of them. In my view, there are too many people experiencing the consequences of climate change for denial to be a viable option.