Raw Cronyism

It's good to be the king, or in the case of Scott Walker's Wisconsin, its good to be the son of a wealthy political donor. It puts you in the unique position to begin living on the taxpayer's dime without actually doing anything to deserve it, unlike teachers, firefighters, and police officers.

His qualifications: dropping out of college, working for a few Republicans, working for a lobbyist shop and getting busted a couple times for DUI. [...]

That one reason why Wisconsinites aren't necessarily happy to hear that the young Brian Deschane, the son of a lobbyist for the Wisconsin Builders Association and a major Walker donor, is now earning $81,500 a year on their dime.

And lucky him: In Brian's first two months on the job, he even landed a 26 percent pay raise, according to The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. It's a very generous percentage too -- unlike Wisconsin teachers, who typically make about half of Deschane's salary and see their pay increase only 21 percent every 10 years. [...]

Hard work, he said, and a respectable resume, made Brian a good fit for Walker's team.

We must end the tyranny of these high-on-the-hog teachers with their oppressive salaries of 40,000 dollars a year and their cushy entirely-self-funded pension plans!

Oh wait, this repeat DUI offender is now making $81,000 a year for doing what exactly? Answering the phone?