Real Life 'Death Panels' – Again

The Republicans must really believe they've won the healthcare debate because they can't stop tipping their hand and telling the nation what they really think:

Asked by ABC News about a package of insurance market reforms that have been endorsed not only by President Obama but also by the insurance industry, Sen. Jon Kyl came out against all three proposals.

In particular, the Arizona Republican signaled that he opposes requiring insurance companies nationwide to provide coverage without regard to pre-existing conditions; requiring them to charge everyone the same rate regardless of health status; and requiring all Americans to carry health insurance.

Jon Kyl, whose job it is to muster Republican votes in the Senate, believes that health insurance companies should be able do whatever the hell they want regardless of how deadly it might be. Aside from endorsing real life "death panels," Kyl is also signalling to the Democrats that "Healthcare Reform Bill #2" with the various so-called "popular" regulations will be filibustered and all or most of the Republicans will vote against it.

No matter how you slice this thing, Republicans will not vote for it. Ever. They're content to just let there be the mortality equivalent of another 9/11 every two months due to The Best Healthcare System In The World. You know, because they want the president to fail.