Cartoon Open Thread

Reasonable Thinking

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, the Kansas House has advanced a bill that would raise revenue by $30 million. There's only about but $370 million more to go but, hey, that's progress I guess.

The legislature is being asked to work through the weekend to figure out whether or not they will raise taxes or cut education again. I expect we'll be reading about more cuts soon.

Meanwhile, the administration of the Bedford Elementary School in Kentucky are today's Worst Persons in the World.

BEDFORD, KY (WAVE) – Several parents are fired up after hearing a student's hot lunch was dumped in the trash in front of her classmates because her lunch account was past due. [...]

"Someone came and took her lunch while she was sitting there with her friends and everybody else," said the girl's aunt, Leslie Chilton, who also happens to be the Bedford Elementary PTO Treasurer.

You'd have to be a pretty rotten asshole to snatch a child's lunch from them and dump it in the trash because their account was a dollar short. I don't care if it's some kind of official policy. Fuck the policy.

Finally, according to various reports, former House Speaker Denny Hastert paid hush money to cover up sexual abuse of a male student that occurred during his time as a coach and teacher.