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Redefining Benghazi


Artist — Mike Luckovich

An interesting little piece about President Obama addressing the media’s reporting of his foreign policy in an off-the-record discussion with reporters aboard Air Force One last week:

NEW YORK — During a six-hour flight last week from Seoul, South Korea to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, President Obama headed to the back of Air Force One and spoke to reporters for roughly half an hour about foreign policy issues, such as the crisis in Ukraine and war in Syria.


During an April 28 joint press conference, Fox News correspondent Ed Henry reminded Obama that “there have been a lot of unflattering portraits of your foreign policy right now” and offered him a chance to answer his critics and lay out his foreign policy vision.

Obama said he didn’t “have time to lay out my entire foreign policy doctrine,” and noted that there have been “complimentary pieces,” too. Some foreign policy critics, Obama said, “would go headlong into a bunch of military adventures that the American people had no interest in participating in and would not advance our core security interests.”

“We want wars! We want wars!”

Signed, President Obama’s foreign policy critics.

In other news, The Onion is reporting that the Clippers are retiring owner Don Sterling’s jersey.

What else is going on? Besides everything?