Re-framing Healthcare Language

I absolutely love this primer from George Lakoff about reshaping the language and frames we use when discussing healthcare reform. This was particularly smart:

Doctor-Patient Care. This is what the public plan is really about. Call it that. You have said it, buried in Policy Speak. Use the slogan. Repeat it. Have every spokesperson repeat it.


Insurance Company Profit-Based Plans. The bottom line is the bottom line for insurance companies. Say it.

Private Taxation. Insurance companies have the power to tax and they tax the public mightily. When 20 percent to 30 percent of payments do not go to health care, but to denying care and profiting from it, that constitutes a tax on the 96 percent of voters that have health care.

Obviously there are some terms -- the self-explanatory ones -- that are easier to use immediately. But you should seriously give this piece a look and begin to employ this language in your online discussions.

The White House should take a good look as well.